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Registered Clinical Counsellor/ Psychotherapist in BC with 25 years of experience as a counsellor, interventionist, facilitator and consultant


Reza Roodi

My journey to becoming a counsellor was, in many ways, inevitable. Growing up in Iran during the Cultural Revolution, I fought to make sense of the world and to build my own congruency in an environment that was changing and evolving on a daily basis. As an adolescent, I decided to leave my country of origin and ventured off in search of my own path, one that would ultimately lead to a period of nomadic displacement. I spent my youth criss-crossing the globe, settling for some time in Eastern Europe, before heading north to Scandinavia, then onwards to South East Asia... 

MSc Psychology,RCC,



Challenges in life can be difficult to navigate on our own but with the guidance of a professional counsellor, increased clarity, objectivity and insight can be established. Through counselling services, psychological and emotional concerns are addressed in order to assist clients to achieve therapeutic growth, improve mental health, and strengthen intra- and interpersonal relationships. Counselling services available include: Individual, Couples, and Family Counselling.



Psychological services are not always sought out to benefit ourselves, but rather, the people around us. Interventions seek to help families in a time of need when their loved ones are unable or unwilling to do so for themselves. Services may be suitable for those facing unmanageable and overwhelming circumstances, whether this be related to substance use issues, anger management, or any number of psychological and/or behavioural concerns.  


Social and psychological issues, such as poor communication and ongoing disagreements, can significantly impact group dynamics. Through guided workshops, groups engage in focused discussion and activities designed to provide knowledge, understanding and practical solutions to common group concerns. Workshops offered include: Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution, as well as Substance Use Issues – Education and Prevention, both of which can be tailored to any number of group settings, such as workplaces and academic environments.


In addition to helping individuals, couples, and families, psychology can be applied to the workplace to bolster morale, increase cohesion, and improve productivity. 

Professional consultation seeks to help corporations with psychological strategies, policies and assessments that are of benefit to both management and employees, as well as to corporate clients. 

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